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Ichi (chibi style) by ShinIchi-D-Creighton Ichi (chibi style) :iconshinichi-d-creighton:ShinIchi-D-Creighton 5 0 I'm Alone by ShinIchi-D-Creighton I'm Alone :iconshinichi-d-creighton:ShinIchi-D-Creighton 2 0 Chester Benninghton. I want to hear your voice. by ShinIchi-D-Creighton Chester Benninghton. I want to hear your voice. :iconshinichi-d-creighton:ShinIchi-D-Creighton 1 0 We are all humans. About honesty and justice. by ShinIchi-D-Creighton We are all humans. About honesty and justice. :iconshinichi-d-creighton:ShinIchi-D-Creighton 1 0 How I would like to look in the future. by ShinIchi-D-Creighton How I would like to look in the future. :iconshinichi-d-creighton:ShinIchi-D-Creighton 2 0 Karma's gonna come collect your debt. by ShinIchi-D-Creighton Karma's gonna come collect your debt. :iconshinichi-d-creighton:ShinIchi-D-Creighton 10 0 Strawberry smoothies by ShinIchi-D-Creighton Strawberry smoothies :iconshinichi-d-creighton:ShinIchi-D-Creighton 4 1 I'm dead inside. by ShinIchi-D-Creighton I'm dead inside. :iconshinichi-d-creighton:ShinIchi-D-Creighton 9 1 SkyCat. by ShinIchi-D-Creighton SkyCat. :iconshinichi-d-creighton:ShinIchi-D-Creighton 11 5 Shin Ichi D Creighton. by ShinIchi-D-Creighton Shin Ichi D Creighton. :iconshinichi-d-creighton:ShinIchi-D-Creighton 6 0 Mr.pepsimax by ShinIchi-D-Creighton Mr.pepsimax :iconshinichi-d-creighton:ShinIchi-D-Creighton 5 0 Why I learn English. My dream. by ShinIchi-D-Creighton Why I learn English. My dream. :iconshinichi-d-creighton:ShinIchi-D-Creighton 2 6 My cat. by ShinIchi-D-Creighton My cat. :iconshinichi-d-creighton:ShinIchi-D-Creighton 7 4 Klava. Need. Eat. by ShinIchi-D-Creighton Klava. Need. Eat. :iconshinichi-d-creighton:ShinIchi-D-Creighton 2 0 BSoD. by ShinIchi-D-Creighton BSoD. :iconshinichi-d-creighton:ShinIchi-D-Creighton 2 0 It's me. Again. by ShinIchi-D-Creighton It's me. Again. :iconshinichi-d-creighton:ShinIchi-D-Creighton 3 1

Hello Friend! How are you? I apologize for the bad english. Welcome to my page with arts. I will be very happy if you give your opinion about them. > - <and now you can go further!

I'm glad to see you


manga girl. by MANDI-CHAN55 manga girl. :iconmandi-chan55:MANDI-CHAN55 13 3 Pixel self by Ainath Pixel self :iconainath:Ainath 1 0 My space! by Maenee My space! :iconmaenee:Maenee 8 0 C: HikariVAsArt by Hazelnutchan C: HikariVAsArt :iconhazelnutchan:Hazelnutchan 70 8 Todoroki 1 by FishOuO Todoroki 1 :iconfishouo:FishOuO 31 2 Renly by DralisVaalsaar Renly :icondralisvaalsaar:DralisVaalsaar 7 2 :vv by Jii-Cucheo :vv :iconjii-cucheo:Jii-Cucheo 3 0 [E] Sketch day 7 by Squishbear [E] Sketch day 7 :iconsquishbear:Squishbear 105 19 Commission for Heinrich Hirsch - Preview by Enryuuchan Commission for Heinrich Hirsch - Preview :iconenryuuchan:Enryuuchan 3 2 (Comm) - Like an beauty by My-Dear-Rawr (Comm) - Like an beauty :iconmy-dear-rawr:My-Dear-Rawr 14 4 Sketch by Lucyneko2027 Sketch :iconlucyneko2027:Lucyneko2027 3 0 D ont ca tch A C old,, by CheerishYourLife D ont ca tch A C old,, :iconcheerishyourlife:CheerishYourLife 16 9 Blood King by lonely-dog-song Blood King :iconlonely-dog-song:lonely-dog-song 9 0 Many Eyed Fiend by RainbowZombieArt Many Eyed Fiend :iconrainbowzombieart:RainbowZombieArt 3 0


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Ichi (chibi style)

И как всегда, "очень внимательная" я забыла закрасить глаза, поэтому на моём телефоне она выглядела как голубоглазый гуль. поэтому, прозрачную версию придётся заменить обычной.
I'm Alone
I will write in Russian to convey my thoughts more correctly.
Вчера наши с моим единственным другом отношения были кардинально испорчены. Мне уже надоело слушать вечные жалобы на жизнь и на судьбу, я понимаю, возможно, она настолько доверяет мне, что высказывает свои проблемы мне, но нет. Она делала так с любым человеком, даже с тем, с которым познакомилась пару дней назад. Я не буду повторять её ошибки, просто скажу, что у меня жизнь тоже далеко не сахар, но я не достаю людей своими проблемами. И вот, главная часть. Если человеку что либо не нравится, не все обязаны ненавидеть это и так же если человеку что либо нравится, все не обязаны любить это. Мой бывший друг не понимает этого, мои мнения всегда презирал и обижал меня этим. То, что мне нравятся птицы, для него ничего не значит, кроме как то, что я странная и наивная. Мой бывший друг вечно заставлял всех жалеть его, и это меня бесило. /_- если у вас есть друзья, то никогда не загружайте их своими проблемами. Так вы рушите дружбу. 

А то, что у меня теперь совсем нет друзей, совершенно неважно. Когда я начну ходить в спортзал, я надеюсь завести там пару друзей. 

Всем удачи и надёжных друзей. 
Chester Benninghton. I want to hear your voice.
На картине не он, а моя душа и боль.

Мне очень нравился этот певец, и я всегда слушала его песни, когда мне было грустно. Может быть, группа найдёт себе нового вокалиста, но без Честера она станет совсем другой. Мне было очень больно, когда я узнала о его смерти. Я всегда буду помнить его голос, и навряд ли я когда нибудь перестану слушать его песни. Я никогда не забуду слёзы, пролитые мной после осознания его смерти. Я никогда не забуду его песни. Я никогда его не забуду.
We are all humans. About honesty and justice.
I'm sorry for bad English.
For the umpteenth time, I understand that there is almost no justice in Russia. Money is everything. Recently, there was a case in which our "justice" and "honesty" are clearly described. The man in the car was driving along the pedestrian path - where people go! - and three activists with the camera tried to stop him and two of them got up on the road. I recall that everything that was happening was recorded on video. The driver stopped first, but then sharply pressed the gas and knocked down the two guys. Both have their hands and feet bruised, so they went to the hospital. And the man in the car turned out to be a well-known businessman, and despite his OBVIOUS guilt remained unpunished. Instead, the police lost the protacle to his criminal record and everyone decided to find those three guys guilty. For what, you ask? Just. Just because that was the order of the businessman who built up such nonsense, although everything was clearly visible on the video. At the interrogation, he said that either the guys admit their guilt, or their lives will turn into hell. Three months have passed, nothing has changed. Guys is threatened with up to five years in prison, for they STOPED THE HUMAN ON THE MACHINE ENTERING THE sidewalk. After this incident, almost no one believes in the justice of our country. I want to remind you of this story, people. We are all the same, our statuses, race, height and bloodlines do not matter in etiquette and politeness. We are all humans. But some already cease to be them because of their upbringing and selfishness. I ask you to be people. I ask you to be honest and sometimes think about what others feel. I ask you to be more humane. I ask you to be human.
How I would like to look in the future.
In the future I would like to paint half the hair in blue. So it will be easier for you to find and recognize me). I do not know how to treat parents and society, as is known, in Russia society is very strict about personal preferences of a person. And although I'm afraid to wear lenses, I would like to have light blue eyes. Dreams ....


Yuliya Kazantseva
Artist | Student | Digital Art
I'm very bad speak english -_- sorry



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